Food Addiction & Obesity

How strange when the Holy Grail of the surgery is held before them they are able to accomplish the super-human effort to control their eating and lose weight when they have never been able before. When they stick to the diet, they lose the required weight to have their surgery, yet most of them fail to continue weight loss after their surgery. 

Stress, Covid-19 and Nature

It turns out that taking a walk really does make a difference. However, what science is discovering is the key to releasing stress is walking in areas that have a natural setting with trees, grass, plants, shrubs, and/or green areas. Studies in both Japan and Finland found that people who walked in a natural, woodland setting experienced lower heart rates, lower blood pressure, and less anxiety.

Acne & Cystic Acne: Diet

If you eat meat, a good choice is to eat liver. All types liver, (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc.) are high in Vitamin A because Vitamin A is stored in the liver. Cod liver oil and fish pills and capsules are also high in both Vitamin A and Vitamin D.