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We provide real-time, all digital EEG Neurofeedback. EEG Neurofeedback records and measures brainwave activity with less than 1,000th of a second delay. This feedback allows the brain to retrain and heal itself.

In 2006, Dr. Margaret Ayers, the developer and inventor of Neuropathways Real-Time All Digital EEG Neurofeedback, created a video demonstrating what EEG Neurofeedback does. Please take some time to enjoy this wonderful video. It features interviews with actual patients and people who are experiencing real-time EEG Neurofeedback. It also shows treatment sessions.

Real-Time EGG Neurofeedback is explained in this 30-minute video:

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There is hope through Real-Time EEG Neurofeedback Therapy. If you’re in the Glendora area, or anywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, LA Basin or Inland Empire, call Elaine today to set up a consultation.

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