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My Liquid BioCell Story

I was introduced to Liquid BioCell in June 2014.  I had arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus of my left knee in October 2013. Unfortunately, despite physical therapy and injections into the knee, I had poor mobility and poor range of motion that never improved satisfactorily, even 8 months after the surgery.

I was unable to get up from a chair without help. If I was by myself, I had to lean on something and literally pull myself up.  I could not walk up more than two or three stairs without experiencing pain and weakness. Going for a walk was a painful experience, due to stiffness and poor balance as I compensated by leaning heavily on my right leg to compensate for the pain and weakness of my left leg.

In June of 2014, a good friend told me about Liquid BioCell Life and urged me to try it. Liquid BioCell Life is a patented liquid containing 13 anti-oxidant superfruits, resveratrol, and a matrix of hydrolyzed Collagen type II and Hyaluronic Acid.

In July 2014, I decided to give the product a try. Everything else had failed to improve my condition, so I figured I might as well try it.  The first week of August 2014, my friend invited me to come to a meeting to learn more about the product and meet people who were having amazing results. Even though I had not see results from the product, I decided to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, several physicians spoke about Liquid BioCell, explaining the ingredients in detail and describing their patient’s results. A veterinarian spoke about Liquid BioCell Pet, the product made especially for dogs and cats, and described how it helps knee and hip issues in animals.

In addition to the physicians, people who had been using Liquid BioCell for several months spoke about changes to their health.  They described increased mobility, freedom from pain and smoother, softer skin.

During a break in the meeting, guests were invited drink free samples of Liquid BioCell Life. I must admit, I helped myself to several samples. I decided to join the company so I could continue to purchase the product, in hopes I would see some positive changes.

Two days after the meeting, which was 5 weeks after starting it, I finally experienced results from the product.  I had been sitting at my desk, working on my computer when my dogs started barking without stop.  I yelled at them to stop, but the barking continued.  Finally, being angry, I just automatically jumped up without thinking.

To my amazement, I did indeed stand up without help and without holding on to the desk and pulling myself up.  I was so surprised that I just  stood there, looking down at my feet. Then, just to make sure it had really happened, I sat back down and stood up again. No pain, no weakness.  

This probably sounds too good to be true, but the best part was yet to come.  The weekend of September 19-21, 2014, my husband and I took a trip to San Francisco.  We walked all over San Francisco and I even walked up the steps to the Coit Tower. By the way, there are 83 steps.  I know because I counted them as I climbed them without problem. 

In addition to helping to heal my knee, Liquid BioCell has also improved the appearance and softness of my skin. I drink it everyday and take the delicious chews with me when I travel. I love what it has done for me. 

Since I am part of the Modere family, I am able share Liquid BioCell with others. By the way, in addition to numerous Liquid BioCell products, the Modere company has hundreds of other all natural, environmentally safe products for both the home and personal care.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about Liquid BioCell.  I would be delighted to chat with you and answer your questions. Just go to my contact page.